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DMI has low toxicity and strong solubility, can promote the dissolution of reactants, accelerate the reaction speed and improve the reaction yield. It is widely used as the solvent in the reaction of pharmaceutical intermediates and organic intermediates. Because of its high boiling point and high thermal stability, it is often used as an extractant in petrochemical industry. Due to its low viscosity and high dielectric constant, DMI can also be used as electrolyte solvent for high performance lithium batteries. In addition, it has strong permeability, high boiling point and high temperature resistance. It can also be used as a stripping agent for silicon chip photoresist. DMI is easy to dissolve dirt, and it can also be used to prepare an efficient cleaning solution for cleaning glass and metal. In dye and pigment, the ink made by mixing DMI with dye and pigment can produce sharp contrast and clear image.
2-imidazolidone is mainly used as fabric crease resistant finishing agent and dealdehyde agent. It can also play the role of wetting, anti blocking and dispersing in inkjet printing ink to improve the stability of ink storage. It can also be used as chelating agent and formaldehyde absorbent in photosensitive materials. It is used as formaldehyde removal agent in paper industry. It is also the main component of all kinds of air fresheners and formaldehyde removers.
2,3-Quinoline Dicarboxylic Acid (customized by QDC)
it can be used as the intermediate of organic synthesis and medicine. Quinoline-2,3-dicarboxylic acid is the intermediate of herbicide imidazoloquinolinic acid.
intermediate of organic synthesis.
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